Sunday, May 31, 2015

I chose this photo partially because it is adorable but also because it represents the way in which humans often view animals, both domestic and wild, as possessive objects to be played with and posed. For example this photo was clearly staged to create a cute moment on the internet for human entertainment as cats and deer do not exactly have much interaction. While I cannot decide if this particular instance of animal staging is necessarily harmful, I can also understand how such behavior can be taken to an extreme in which animals can be put through unpleasant or even harmful situations, such as costumes or sweaters for dogs and cats.

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  1. I appreciate your different perspective of what a "cute animal picture" actually entails. I have noticed that 'baby' animals are popular to the consumer, for accessories or selling a product. I've seen a pattern of puppies or kittens on a backpack, notebook or shirt. And I think they are being represented as a product for the consumer. And in this image, it clearly doesn't make sense that a baby kitten and fawn would coexist in nature unless purposely made to interact by a human. Great post, very thought provoking.