Saturday, May 16, 2015


The classic movie about a massive rogue great white shark that inspired nightmares in everyone who has seen it. I know I flash to certain scenes in the movie every time I swim in the ocean or go cliff jumping. Also, I thought it was fitting to post about this film since it was screened last night at the pool.

While sharks are terrifying, they're also amazing creatures that keep our oceans clean, and increase species diversity through their role as an apex predator. Many species of sharks are listed as vulnerable or on endangered species lists, and efforts to conserve them are much needed. We need sharks!


  1. This film says a lot about how fear is the biggest motivator for our treatments of animals, besides desire for sustenance. We demonize sharks for attacking people, yet we're the ones swimming in their territory. Just another example of how humans go where their not exactly meant too and still expect everything from it.

  2. It's so funny how you can totally match the description in the trailer of the shark to humans.

  3. As stated earlier, Jaws is a highly influential film that has created a fear for the great white shark. Many will assume that sharks are aggressive man-eaters who are thirsty for human blood but that isn't true! They are highly misunderstood. I appreciate your post!