Friday, May 15, 2015

Sea Fashion Cont.

Sea Fashion cont.

Jelly Nightgown

"Flowing and delicate, this sheer nightgown will allow you to emulate the elegant locomotion of jellyfish. The movement of this dress will mesmerize all those you pass! Pale blue translucent chiffon reminiscent of clear waters is carefully stitched onto a reinforced jellyfish bell skirt and tentacle train to provide flounce and flair with every step. The minimalism of this piece will suggest a liberating and organic feeling as you float through the crowd." -Jill

 Great White Evening Gown

"Lavish and large, this dress is sure to make a statement when you walk into the room. A savage shark gives off a feeling of ferocity that tells people not to mess with you. The bottom of this evening gown is reminiscent of a crashing wave, and contains just as much of its natural energy in the design and pattern. Stark white with a tint of blue, the dress as a whole is similar to the magnificence of the great white shark breaching the surface of the water, hunting for prey." - Ryan

Squid Dress

"A squid outfit. Binding, yet free." - Elijah

Abalone Shell Dress

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