Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Werewolves, House Cats, and Humans! Oh my!: Hemlock Grove's Depiction of the Werewolf Myth

Trigger Warning: This video contains spooky happenings of the bodily fluids nature. Those faint of heart should avert their eyes.

This video clip comes from the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove. One of the main characters is a Werewolf and you can see his graphically-rendered transition above.

The thing I particularly love about this rendition of the Werewolf myth is that the wolf-form literally sheds the human features during the transition (eyes, teeth, and skin all essentially melt off). I know a lot of the imagination for this comes from the desire to up the horror and gore for dramatic effect, but it doesn't take away from the unique details of this depiction of the Werewolf.

Also I would like to point out that when confronted with whacky, human-melting wolf appearances the cat runs away (presumably to safety) and the humans just stand there watching (presumably because being ripped to shreds by a wolf doesn't raise any alarm bells for them).

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  1. I actually really like this show and I remember watching this scene and being like holy crap! It's interesting to me how different producers, writers, directors want the wolf transformation to go. Many choose either a painful transformation like Peter up there, or it can be pretty quick and painless like Jacob from twilight. (Sorry had to do it). But yea this transformation scared me because he eats his own flesh at the end, like, who does that? It's very disturbing but I still watch it.