Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Farm Sanctuary Happiest Video Ever

In a world where so many animals live short, violent, fearful lives it's inspiring to see Farm Sanctuaries giving farmed animals another chance at a safe life. I can't wait to intern at Animal Place this summer. This is one of my favorite videos ever.


  1. Ahh! Oh my glob. This is incredibly adorable. A feel good video.

  2. Edgar's Mission, Animal place, and Woodstock's Farm Sanctuary post the cutest videos/pictures of farmed animals! I love browsing through them.

  3. The portrayal of these small animals in this video essentially mirrors the small percentage of innocence thats left in animals. I find it amusing seeing animals like these playing around and being happy. It's good to know that sanctuaries are giving farmed animals another chance at a safe life and raising them in safe environment.

  4. When I watched this video, I automatically thought about day camps that parents send their children to. In the video, you see cute baby animals playing together in what almost resembles play structures that young children play in. Then later the animals get fed by adults just like children. It's possible I'm making a strange connection, but I couldn't help but compare the two. Also makes me think of those sayings about people who "treat their pets like their own children". Anyways, it's awesome that people provide these little guys with a fun and safe environment. So adorable!

  5. I agree this is a super awesome video but it all of a sudden made me think of the lottery or the McArthur Genius Award---a great life-changing experience for a very very very few lucky ones. Sorry. I'm Debbie Downer. But when you do get a change to a cuddle a pig, tell them Cathy says "sorry".

    1. No I totally feel the same way! It's a lucky few that get rescued or released. The sanctuaries mostly operate to show people an alternative or another way to interact with farmed animals. It was frustrating for me to hear Haraway talk about locavore meat because as long as you profit off another beings body you're commodifying them and putting a value on their life. They also can't consent to any treatment done to them. Places like Edgar's Mission work to change people's perception through videos and tours where the public gets to interact with animals typically thought of as food.