Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finding Dory...What happened?

So I'm very upset at the fact that Finding Dory is still not out when I remember Ellen saying it would be released in 2015. Did the producers forget or something? This is a mini rant because I loved Finding Nemo, I'm sure some can relate, and I frickin love Ellen and I just want all the things I love together in one movie. I want to know what happens to Dory, why do they have to find her. I heard rumors that it's actually going to be about her finding her family, but I wouldn't know cos pixar and Disney haven't released it yet.


  1. I hope this film happens! I think Finding Nemo was very inspiring, it introduced people to what life would be like in the ocean. I really appreciated how the sea life was beautifully represented with a diversity of colors. And of course, Pixar did such a wonderful job at creating such a heartfelt storyline...a little tear jerker *sniffles*.

  2. I did some research online and according to IMDb (a pretty reliable movie source) the film will be released June of 2016. Animated films like that take a really long time to make, so most likely they had to push things back. Also, the website's description of the movie hints that Dory will be reuniting with loved ones and learning a few things about the true meaning of family along the way. From that I can guess you are correct about the movie being about Dory finding her family. Sounds like it's going to be another great movie!

    - Anne Susco (Section B)