Sunday, June 7, 2015

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So, Abigail, Deseary and I decided to rewrite the 13th Amendment to abolish the slavery of animals... This is what we've come up with. We've also included some pictures of humans and also their "inner animal" or their transformation into animals.

Abolition of Animal Slavery:
Zoos and circus' should be prohibited from keeping animals locked up in cages and behind bars. All types of mistreatment to animal should be abolished and removed from all animal parks. They are only meant for the entertainment of humans while animals become depressed from being harassed. Eliminate all forms of animal slavery in these locations.

Court case:
“The guilty is hereby being charged with consistently enslaving these animals and even some humans who he referred to as "freaks for show" for the past six months in secret. The living circumstances of the animals and humans was less than poor with dirty cages, little to no food and water and nothing for warmth for the freezing nights. The defendant failed to release his animals after the passing of the 13th amendment. He is now facing fines and possible prison time.”

Recent incidents have sparked a change in people, especially in women. There is a direct correlation between women acting wild, and both Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Since the finding were released, we see more and more people mimicking fellow Dr. Jekyll’s wilder side. Those affected by this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome seem to posses the same animalistic traits. But after reviewing  these recent incidents, people need to accept that we are also animals, and tapping into our wild side is only part of who we are. We should not lock up animals, let alone humans for tapping into their wild side. After all, we are animals. Let us act as it was intended to be.

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