Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some pieces of animal media/music

Hey everyone, I thought I'd just share a video I found on Tumblr that I really liked. It's kind of tragic and heartbreaking at the same time. I'm not sure if it's because of the audio that was added or because bees are slowly disappearing, but it's a great video. Everyone should check it out!

After that, I've been really obsessed with a musician called Aeon Fux. A lot of her music incorporates science or nature, especially reptiles or insects. She just released this song and I just felt like sharing the love.

Lyrics below:
I said I would wait for you
as long as you want me to
in the reptile room, where you first looked at me with that hunger in your eyes
this humidity feels so good to me asyou slide against my sensibilities

and if you come around
I’ll want you again
I’m a chameleon
I have to shed my skin
I want to turn the color of
the nights I’ve spent with you
and watch them fade into

you knew what you had with me
crocodilian chemistry
but how wild were we
that we clung to each other til we ripped ourselves apart

and if you come around I’ll haunt you again
I’m a reptilian, I want to pull you in,
I want to tear into the flesh
that set my soul alight
and feed til morning rise

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