Monday, June 8, 2015

This video is funny, and it makes you think whether animals really are better than humans at doing some things. I thought that it was really cute and I was also amazed to see what animals are capable of doing. They are so intelligent and they have the mentality to do anything they set their minds to. Do you think that an animal can be better than a human at playing a game or a sport? If yes, what kind of sports or games.

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  1. I think that video is not really a good example of your conjecture that animals are better than humans at some subjects, sports being the example here. The prime tool here used to prove a point is obviously some comedic elements,but really the main lynch pin to prove this cat is better at ping-pong is from what appears to be a technical failure from the table, not the human players. I think that the only thing that animals are better than humans in terms of games or sports would be games and sports that are totally decided by physical strengths like a race. A cheetah would probably beat a human in a race, but certainly not in a game of chess which requires a different level of consciousness.