Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Loca the Un-Run-Pug

Hey I know a lot of people around here like pugs, so I found this silly video of a pug "singing" a song from a while ago. This little pug has a lot of spirit and loves to run, or try to run at least. Loca has so much personality for a little pug, always bouncing around and full of energy.

Some pieces of animal media/music

Hey everyone, I thought I'd just share a video I found on Tumblr that I really liked. It's kind of tragic and heartbreaking at the same time. I'm not sure if it's because of the audio that was added or because bees are slowly disappearing, but it's a great video. Everyone should check it out!

After that, I've been really obsessed with a musician called Aeon Fux. A lot of her music incorporates science or nature, especially reptiles or insects. She just released this song and I just felt like sharing the love.

Lyrics below:
I said I would wait for you
as long as you want me to
in the reptile room, where you first looked at me with that hunger in your eyes
this humidity feels so good to me asyou slide against my sensibilities

and if you come around
I’ll want you again
I’m a chameleon
I have to shed my skin
I want to turn the color of
the nights I’ve spent with you
and watch them fade into

you knew what you had with me
crocodilian chemistry
but how wild were we
that we clung to each other til we ripped ourselves apart

and if you come around I’ll haunt you again
I’m a reptilian, I want to pull you in,
I want to tear into the flesh
that set my soul alight
and feed til morning rise

Savage Beauty: Sea Fashion (waaay continued)

So I must've forgotten to post way back when, but here is my contribution to the savage beauty: sea fashion collection.

So what you see before you is a casual dress inspired by a clownfish like the ones you see animated in Finding Nemo. With the bright orange and black/white contrast, this dress will for sure make a statement as you strut down the street. As an added bonus, there are little attachable fin-inspired shoulder pads because there's no harm in a little accessorizing! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sad Animal Facts

I discovered these "sad animal facts" illustrations today and thought they were silly yet a bummer. I think animal illustrations are great!

Licenses Should Be Mandatory to Be a Pet Owner

The other day, my girlfriend and I saw a woman tugging really hard on her dog's choke-chain even though the dog wasn't really doing any thing wrong. My girlfriend then said, "People should have to get licenses to own a pet." I thought this was a really good idea, so I looked up if that has ever been considered by anyone else. I then found this article:

It discusses an assertion by UK's chief vet of the RSPCA in which he suggests all pet owners should have to obtain a license in order to combat animal abuse. The article explains how this claim received a lot of opposition from other groups, saying the idea would be too expensive, an insult to pet owners, and (most humorously of all) "more interested in animal rights than promoting welfare" (paragraph 6). I think this could be a helpful application, though there are many complications (people who already have pets without licenses, pets who would end up in shelters because there are less available owners, etc.). Though this is a highly complicated issue, I feel it is definitely one to consider.
Even though this is pretty funny, it always bums me out whenever people dress up their pets. I've never really seen a pet in a costume that looked like it was enjoying life. You can tell this costume is super uncomfortable on his/her ears. If pets wanted to wear clothing, they wouldn't look this sad while wearing it.

Monday, June 8, 2015

I was looking for an organization where I could possibly volunteer to help animals, and I came across this video. I instantly became teary eyed because it was so difficult to see how much these cats were suffering. This is such cruelty, animals have feelings and they do not deserve to live in such harsh conditions. Possum is an example of a loving cat that suffered but with the love of someone, his whole life changed. Animals need to be treated correctly and we have to try our best to make their lives better. 
This video is funny, and it makes you think whether animals really are better than humans at doing some things. I thought that it was really cute and I was also amazed to see what animals are capable of doing. They are so intelligent and they have the mentality to do anything they set their minds to. Do you think that an animal can be better than a human at playing a game or a sport? If yes, what kind of sports or games.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

This video is an example of how much an animal can help the healing and well being of a person. The relationships that are made within humans and animals is heart warming. I teared up seeing this video, because it shows the happiness that an animal can bring to someone when they are at one of their lowest points in life. The connections that are made with animals are sincere and joyous. It is amazing to see how much affection and love and animal can bring to a person. They are such humble and caring pets.

Section B Group Blog

So, Abigail, Deseary and I decided to rewrite the 13th Amendment to abolish the slavery of animals... This is what we've come up with. We've also included some pictures of humans and also their "inner animal" or their transformation into animals.

Abolition of Animal Slavery:
Zoos and circus' should be prohibited from keeping animals locked up in cages and behind bars. All types of mistreatment to animal should be abolished and removed from all animal parks. They are only meant for the entertainment of humans while animals become depressed from being harassed. Eliminate all forms of animal slavery in these locations.

Court case:
“The guilty is hereby being charged with consistently enslaving these animals and even some humans who he referred to as "freaks for show" for the past six months in secret. The living circumstances of the animals and humans was less than poor with dirty cages, little to no food and water and nothing for warmth for the freezing nights. The defendant failed to release his animals after the passing of the 13th amendment. He is now facing fines and possible prison time.”

Recent incidents have sparked a change in people, especially in women. There is a direct correlation between women acting wild, and both Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Since the finding were released, we see more and more people mimicking fellow Dr. Jekyll’s wilder side. Those affected by this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome seem to posses the same animalistic traits. But after reviewing  these recent incidents, people need to accept that we are also animals, and tapping into our wild side is only part of who we are. We should not lock up animals, let alone humans for tapping into their wild side. After all, we are animals. Let us act as it was intended to be.

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