Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Wolves Changed Rivers

Here is a very cool video discussing the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park. The wolves were relocated to the park in 1995 and have since made a big impact on the ecosystem around them. Wolves are powerful, loyal, family oriented animals which is why the repopulation has so greatly affected the area.


  1. Fun fact regarding wolves in Yellowstone. Their reintroduction to the park also reintroduces them into them into the trophic cascade (a form of indirect interaction between multiply species, a little like a food chain but more complicated) of elk and aspen trees. Wolves balanced things out for the ecosystem there. Here's an article about it if anyone's interested.

    1. multiple* species.
      Apologies for the typo

  2. It's interesting to know how in this case (wolves) was able to help the environment of Yellow Stone National Park. By placing a wolves there, it radical changes the behavior and actions of certain animals. In the case of deer, wolves were able to scare deer from eating in certain vegetated regions and as a result of that more vegetation grew in large proportions. It's not a surprise that certain animals help mitigate certain hazardous effect on our earth.

    Here is a list of animals who help our world in specific ways.

  3. I didn't know just how much of a positive impact wolves were for the environment of Yellowstone. They have introduced a 'domino' like effect! It's great, this video has beautifully shown that. Thanks!

  4. Its crazy to see how great of an impact a main predator can have on an ecosystem. Humans are too busy to really pay attention to really see the consequences we have from over hunting and the depletion of their habitats. Either way, it's interesting.