Thursday, May 7, 2015

Savage Beauty: The Roadkill Collection

A fine piece of evening wear, both beautiful and horrific. This enticing piece is complemented with a squirrel mask and squirrel ears. Perfect for a night on the town. --Amit Khatri

It's here. It's now. It's wow!!!! The Beetle Sports Coat. A sports coat made out of the shells of tiger beetles. --Henry Vogt

This dress, made from the recycled fur of a raccoon, is both cute and fierce.  Perfect for a variety of occasions, this dress, with its blood-red splashes of color, is sure to turn a few heads. --Martina Stepisnik 

This look is focussed on the skunk,  The yellow stripes represent the road and are best seen in the night.  Perfect for evening wear, this look can catch the eye of anyone with its bright colors and bushy tail. --Veronika Cuddy

He is wearing a classic black suit. Both the blazer and the slacks are made with crow feathers. His button up is a simple silky red with a skinny tie made of a raccoon's tail. On the blazer's collar there is a possum fur collar, and in the pocket there is a rabbit's foot as a handkerchief. Finally, to hold those slacks up he has on a snake skin belt. Pretty fabulous, I'd say. --Yajaira Venegas

I created an evening look which is inspired by the unfortunate deers who are victims of roadkill. My look includes an authentic deer skull, as a headpiece and a dress made of faux fur, to resemble the body of the deer. The dress is slightly distressed, and has 'bone-like' shapes made of delicate thread, around the torso, arms and legs. I wanted this dress to resemble the death of the deer, with hopes of bringing greater awareness to the mishaps of roadkill. -- Jazel Munoz

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